How to Use Underwater Drone with Imf-Splorer in Lego Dimensions

Dive On In! IMF-Splorer Drone Unlocks LEGO Atlantis Ahoy adventurers! Some riveting news from the LEGO seabed today. The eggheads at Dimensions Industries have unleashed the IMF-Splorer – an underwater drone poised to unlock the mysteries of the briny blue abyss! Time to strap on your snorkels, people. We’re plunging into uncharted territory! Part 1: … Read more

How to Use Lego Dimensions Underwater Drone

pretends to be surprised Whaaaat? Underwater drones in LEGO Dimensions? Noice! You’ve got my brick-loving attention, my friend! Let’s see which minifig maritime pilots we got cruising beneath the waves. I gotta know who’s captaining those LEGO subs so I can virtually join their crew! fist pumps the air Alright, we’ve got official underwater drone … Read more

How Long Will It Take to Make a Drone That Can Go Underwater

Making a drone that can go underwater is an exciting and challenging project! To get you started, Lets discuss, how long will it take to make a drone that can go underwater? That’s tricky to pin down exactly. There are a bunch of moving parts that make it hard to call. A lot depends on … Read more