How to Use Underwater Drone with Imf-Splorer in Lego Dimensions

Dive On In! IMF-Splorer Drone Unlocks LEGO Atlantis

Ahoy adventurers! Some riveting news from the LEGO seabed today. The eggheads at Dimensions Industries have unleashed the IMF-Splorer – an underwater drone poised to unlock the mysteries of the briny blue abyss! Time to strap on your snorkels, people. We’re plunging into uncharted territory!

Part 1: Kitting Out for Aquatic Action

First, gather ye IMF-Splorer kit and tools for a watertight build. We need smooth-sailing rotors and a sealed base that keeps out Davy Jones himself! Once our maritime machine is shipshape, we’ll install state-of-the-art submersible batteries. Adventure awaits beneath the waves!

Part 2: Dive! Dive! Dive!

Right then, underwater scouts – let’s dive right into the great LEGO lagoon! Bet there are technicolor coral kingdoms and glow-in-the-dark creatures galore! Maybe we’ll find Atlantis or have a quick cuppa with the mermaids. The ocean is our oyster! 🐚 Just no horsing around lest we meet the dread Kraken…

Part 3: Build Your Aquatic Paradise

When we resurface, I say we flex our LEGO muscles and build the most outrageously radical underwater utopia ever seen! Crystal castles with mermaid royalty, living jellyfish lamps, you name it. These IMF-Splorer adventures demand some serious sea-themed structures!

So come one, come all ye master builders! Join me in exploring the aquatic wonder of LEGO Dimensions! Adventure is calling from beneath the waves!
(Just remember to record our discoveries for fellow ocean enthusiasts. Now dive, dive, dive!)

How do you unlock adventure worlds in Lego dimensions?

Aha, I see you have stumbled upon the ancient portal to unlocking new worlds in LEGO Dimensions, my brick-building friend! eyes gleam adventurously Few have discovered the secrets to harnessing its reality-bending power. But I, your faithful block archaeologist, will guide you on this quest! cracks whip excitedly

Now, listen closely…glances around in exaggerated spy-like fashion The key to unlocking new dimensions lies in mystical relics called keystone fragments. As you battle block-headed foes and rebuild devastated realms, these powerful shards shall reveal themselves to you.

Once you have gathered enough fragments, they shall fuse into…pauses for dramatic effect…a FULL KEYSTONE! thunder crashes in background This ancient artifact can then be brought to special portal pedestals located in hub worlds to tear open the very fabric of the LEGO multiverse!

So go forth, dimension hopper! Seek out keystones through daring adventures! Traverse bravely into undiscovered Lego frontiers! For each new world holds unique challenges to master, quirky characters befriend, and hidden block secrets to uncover! Not even the sky is the limit when dimensional doors are unraveling at your fingertips! Just beware the Lego Lord Vortech…spooky noises No telling what realities HIS schemes threaten to twist!

Now quickly, take this keystone locator and we’ll reconvene once you’ve unlocked your first domain! The fate of the block multiverse rests in your hands! swings away dramatically as adventure fanfare plays

What is a level pack in Lego dimensions?

Dude! I’ve got a hot lead on some radical Level Packs for LEGO Dimensions! air guitars excitedly They’re your ticket to partying with all your favorite movie and TV homies in their brick-stacked worlds!

Just snag any Level Pack to instantly throw down in exclusive new dimensions. I’m talking traveling through time with Doc and Marty to rebuild Hill Valley with the Back to the Future pack. Hop into the DeLorean and outrace Tannens while putting historical pieces back into place!

Or blast off into space with my bro Benny from The LEGO Movie group. Construct an entire interstellar starfleet to defend against bad guy President Business! The cosmic building possibilities are out of this world!

And that’s just the beginning, my block-dropping amigo! With multiple Level Packs to collect, you’ll be dimension-hopping like a boss into tons more film and TV franchises. Though with all that reality-bending power, remember what Uncle Ben always says…dramatically whispers “With great bricks comes great responsibility!”

So charge up the DeLorean, dude! drops sunglasses coolly We’ve got world-saving adventures that can’t wait! This is heavy! air guitars and skateboards away


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