How to Use Lego Dimensions Underwater Drone

pretends to be surprised Whaaaat? Underwater drones in LEGO Dimensions? Noice! You’ve got my brick-loving attention, my friend!

Let’s see which minifig maritime pilots we got cruising beneath the waves. I gotta know who’s captaining those LEGO subs so I can virtually join their crew!

fist pumps the air Alright, we’ve got official underwater drone confirmation in LEGO Dimensions! Cyberman leading the aquatic charge – no shocker with a name like that. I bet his robo-vision helps scout sunken treasure in those brick-built depths.

So his drone can attack enemies AND snag collectibles?

Sweet double duty! Though I feel ya about keeping it clear of damage down there. No replacements parts mid-ocean!

And Ethan Hunt bringing spy gear gadgets into the mix? A scanner drone?!

Now we’re getting into some serious sea stealth. Love it. I can already picture that bad boy projecting holograms of the Kracken rising from the waves to distract baddies!

Harry Potter’s transforming enchanted car is amazing enough, but turning it into a Piranha Submarine? That’s just chef’s kiss brilliant magic. Accio awesome underwater adventures!

Jake the Dog going full sea creature with Dolphin Form and sonic abilities???

My mind is officially blown. Talk about tapping into those aquatic animal instincts – love that extra dimensional diversity!

Major kudos to the LEGO geniuses for letting fans take the wheel…I mean propeller…under the sea.

So many creative concepts for oceanic fun! Now quick – someone pass me a scuba mask and flippers before I grab my LEGO submarine drone controller. We’ve got new brick-built worlds to explore, people!

How to use Lego dimensions underwater drone (Step By Step)

Breaking Brick News: LEGO Scuba Squad Assembles for Wet n’ Wild Adventures

Avast, me hearties! This just in – LEGODimensions is making waves by diving into underwater exploration with a tricked out drone sidekick. Finally, our favorite minifig pirates, mermaids, and deep sea divers can unite for maritime missions!

So batten down the hatches and prepare to take the plunge with my handy guide on navigating those brick-built depths. We’ll cover everything from powering up propellers to constructing clam-tastic sea creatures. Just call me Jacques Cousteau of block oceans!

Part 1: Making LEGO Dreams Waterproof

Before our dive, we better waterproof our gear. No electricity-hating leaks on this voyage! Pop together your deluxe drone kit, seal up the cracks, and snap on those smooth rotating propellers. Charging brick batteries? Check! Now we’re guaranteed uninterrupted aquatic adventuring.

Part 2: An Ocean of LEGO Possibilities

Alright, scuba squad – let the underwater exploration begin! Bet there are heaps of sunken LEGO treasure and glow-in-the-dark creatures awaiting discovery. Maybe a quick race through ancient volcanic tubes? Last one there missed the pirate ship!

And when we surface, I say we build the most outrageously radical underwater kingdom ever seen! Coral castles with LEGO mermaids, octopus gardens straight from Yellow Submarine, you name it. The ocean is our blocky oyster!

Part 3: Aquatic Awesomeness Awaits!

Strap on your snorkels, folks – this phenomenal frontier beneath the waves is calling our name. Just remember to dry off components post-adventure and steer clear of those grindy gears. Safety first in our scuba squad! Now who wants the first dip into our LEGO underwater paradise? Last one in misses the magic!


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